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February 8th 2019 Important . The Barking Lot Ltd Policy Update

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

We try to avoid bulky posts like this so please bear with us - we don’t do this often we promise so we want to send out one and do it right! We post a lot of our updates on our social media but understand not everyone uses Facebook so thought this would be a good time to update everyone on what’s been happening at The Barking Lot. In October 2018 MPI took over overseeing Kennels, Daycares etc with the release of the Temporary Housing of Companion Animals Act (found here: ) which has made us evaluate our procedures and implement new policies for all clients whether they be visiting us for daycare or a groom.

Vaccinations, Registration + Microchipping: Everyone

While we appreciate that some of you have been using our services since your dog has been a pup for either daycare or grooming, you may have noticed we are cracking down on vaccination reminders. We will no longer be able to contact respective Veterinary practices on behalf of owners to collect their vaccination details and we cannot allow non-vaccinated dogs onto our premises.Please ensure you have these details ready before your next visit to us + email us a copy each time they have a new booster/ vaccination. While it may seem we are taking all of these chang­es a bit far, it is extremely important for our records. We also need your dogs’ D.O.B. Veterinary clinic name, microchip number + their respective city council registration tag number. Contacts + Emergency Contact details: Everyone We need to confirm we have your most recent contact numbers, any change in secondary owners, have an emergency contact other than yourself(ves) if we cannot reach you in the event of an emergency. Payment: Everyone We require payment on the spot, we will no longer be able to invoice for completed grooms or daycare. Being a service based small business we hope you can understand that every invoice paid on time means we can pay our staff and bills on time. We will no longer allow any dogs to go into negatives in their concession passes. If you are unable to purchase a new pass on the day, we require you to pay the casual concession rate. Desexing: Everyone At The Barking Lot we require all dogs over 6 months old to be desexed. The reason for this is to reduce any frustration which could potentially lead to aggression or any other unwanted behaviours that are associated with entire dogs. A dog on heat can cause others to behave out of sorts and often male dogs who are over 6 months old and yet to be desexed emit a scent which other dogs pay a lot of attention to- this prolonged sniffing can really annoy the dog and lead to undesired behaviours. Plus no matter how cute all your pups are we don’t want any babies being made Daycare updates: Daycare clients With the Temporary Housing of Companion Animals Act in mind as well as us getting a lot busier we are putting in place this booking system so we can be staffed appropriately to eliminate too many dogs on certain days. To ensure we have enough staff to cover busy days for theirs + other dogs health & safety we will now be taking bookings for daycare. Online Booking System: Daycare clients To book online please follow this link; we understand there will be a couple hiccups with a new system being in place so we appreciate your patience as we work through any issues that pop up. There is not currently a way to book for every day or multiple days with our current websting host but we will inform you as soon as this. If you want to book in the same days each week/ have already communicated this to us you can double check next time you’re in the reception with one of our friendly members of staff. If you need to cancel, please let us know via email to by 12pm the day before you are scheduled to bring your pup in. Any "no shows" where we haven’t been informed of a cancellation will result in you having a day taken from your daycare concession pass BECAUSE we will have reserved that spot for your dog which could have been taken by someone else. Anyone that shows up without a booking (made two business days before you need to book them in) will be turned away from February 11th 2019. Concession passes: Daycare clients Unlimited Month passes We want to clear up the Unlimited Month pass option as we have had a lot of questions about it. This pass starts the day you purchase the pass and is due for renewal the same date the following month. Eg. Purchase the pass on Feb 7th, you will renew the pass on March 7th or the nearest business day if this falls on a weekend/public holiday. If we were to compare it to anything it would be like a gym membership or a phone bill. It is up to you to use the days in this month - if you miss a day we cannot replace them or push the dates back. If you are to go on Holiday and we have had adequate notice of 5 working days we can arrange a “pause” period on a case by case basis. Please talk to one of the daycare managers to discuss this via email to Unlimited Month pass users do not have to book while on the pass but we do appreciate a heads up for days your pup will not be in during that time so we can check they are ok! 5 + 10 Day Concession Passes: Now have a 1 year expiry date. The Barking Lot reserves the right to refuse a refund of any concession passes purchased unless notified within 48 hours of the initial purchase. Grooming updates + Housekeeping: Grooming Clients We are still in the process of working out our booking system for Grooming. Hold tight, we understand booking online is easier than over the phone - especially when we are often in the pens and not always able to answer the phone. We require a day’s notice in advance of a grooming cancellation. If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled time there will be a cancellation fee of $40 We would love encourage you to book the next appointment for dog when you've collected them, here, at the reception desk so it's done and we can send you a text reminder the day before so you don't forget. The groomers will usually recommend a number of weeks based on their experience with your pup's coat on how frequently they need to come in. Then you don't have to worry about missing out. Please keep an eye out for grass seeds, regularly comb their fur with a metal comb to prevent matts (slickers loosen the knots but don't get them from the skin) because each time you bring them in matted to the skin - it's not fair for the dog to have to get shaved back and it’s extremely painful for them when we have to brush through matts. We actually don't like to shave them back either with the risk of them getting sunburnt! Thank you for reading this! If you have any questions feel free to email us at or call us on 04 384 4493.

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