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Dog-Mom Gift Guide

*Originally posted 06/05/2019

We all have that friend who is a crazy(in love) dog mom and this mother's day we want to be able to appreciate them too! Before you roll your eyes that "Dog Mom's are taking away from my day as a Mom for human kids" just remember not everyone can have human kids, some are not at that stage yet, might have lost a human kid or even don't want pet-humans. Be kind. Everyone wants to be appreciated and feel included. Some of these gifts could go to your regular hooman Mum, some could be sneakily "from your pooch" for their fur mum.. the possibilities are limitless!! MYTH: Dog people are usually the easiest to buy gifts for, just buy them something with a pug or Frenchie on it?? TRUTH: Pugs and Frenchies are really cute and great, this is not a dig towards them or their owners but lets be a bit more thoughtful for those Dog Mom's and get something they will actually like or use. They have probably been given all the dog related note pads they could ever *need from Typo (*NOT NEED or even have any use for!?) that are all destined for *that drawer* at home with all the other dog related gifts you are grateful for but kind of hate and never use. But these things I'm about to list are different, I swear. If I wasn't saving for a house I would probably be out buying these things for myself. We are not affiliated with any of the stores or products we are about to share, we just think they are hecking cool! We try and support other small businesses and local brands as we can too so So in no particular order..

Coffee Supreme They sell: Coffee

Mother's Day Coffee and Choccy Give your mum the Sunday you know they deserve Every Friday, The Barking Lot celebrates "Fat Friday" where we indulge in Little Dough Co. Donuts and a Filter Coffee or Oat Milk Flat whites in our keep cups. Customs Coffee are one of our favourite dog friendly spots - they are on our list of dog friendly spots. So why not give your mum a taste of the Cool Wellington Dog Friendly Cafe scene to have at home or in the office! Coffee Supreme are doing a cool thing for Mother's Day this year where you can chose a label for your bag of Mothers Day beans; LOVE YOU WORLD'S BEST #1 MUM you can also choose to get them Beans for their Filter Coffee // Ethiopia Guji Roast or the Supreme Blend Beans for their Espresso Machine and ground to whatever setting they like. Prices vary depending on size of bag and type: Be sure to order by 3pm, Thursday 9th May to be on time and impress Mum.

Pooch Design - @poochdesign_nz They sell: Locally designed and printed Greeting cards\

One of our amazing customers has just launched an awesome business called "Pooch Design" and we are in love!! Every dog parent's dream, finally we get a card that doesn't mention a human baby, one where you can say thank you for dog sitting and a way to turn those horrific dog farts into a cute love letter. All awesome, designed and made local by an epic Dog Mom! Go get one, or three!?

Smack Bang - @smackbangstore They sell: beautiful things for you, your dog, your cat and your home.

Located on Tory Street, Smack Bang has become the Mecca for dog lovers to combine all their favourite things! "Something for you, something for me.." and you could easily find a gift for all types of people. Now, we love all of their things but for the purpose of this "Dog Mom" blog, we have had to pick a few.. we say a few but we know we will get carried away..

Kansas Mug | Happy German Shepherd $28.90 Hey do you know what would go well in this? Some Supreme Ethiopia Guji Roast Filter Roast Mother's Day Coffee .. see what we did there!?

Balloon Earrings | Gold

$34.90 Delicate, featherlight gold plated dog-shaped balloon earrings from Olive & Tiger.

Approx 9x10mm Nickel-free Also available in silver

Balloon Necklace | Gold

$29.90 Delicate, featherlight gold dog-shaped balloon necklace from Olive & Tiger.

46cm chain length

Pendant approx. 9x10mm

Also available in silver

Ceramic Dog Pot | Rufus $24.90 Chances are, they are a plant loving dog Mum too! Yvette Edwards is just down the road too.. this would look cute with a chain of hearts in it??

Pro & Hop Air Freshener | French Bulldog Dark Face $7.90

Pro & Hop are here to keep your car fresh!

Pineapple scented black Frenchie face car air freshenerLasts for up to four weeksAvoid contact with other surfacesKeep out of reach of children Ohh, look! more things here:

Goodboy - They sell: T-Shirts, Jumpers, Tote Bags, Enamel Pins, Dog Bandanas Made with love and slobber, Charlotte took her dog obsession too far and put them on clothes. The garments used are ethically sourced and the designs are printed with eco-friendly inks right here in Wellington, New Zealand. We love their long sleeve T-shirts, the Enamel Pin's, the Totes, the COSY Samson Jumpers, we think everyone can be a "Good boy" whether they are a dog Mom or Dog Dad. Support this cool local brand and by doing so you're helping out animals in need in the process! 15% of all proceeds are donated to local dog shelters and rescues centres. Go buy all of the things! You're welcome.

Furever Crew - They sell: T-Shirts, Bandanas + Scrunchies, Dog things

Furever Crew are an online store that bring together a bunch of products from around the world that are perfect for you or your pooch. They were recently at The Big Dog Walk Auckland and have a range of products from Pablo & Co, Big & Little Dogs, L'Barkery and The Dog Mum. They even sell matching scrunchies for their dog Bandanas!! Go check out their Instagram and nab yourself a matching scrunchie for you and a bandana for your pup!!

The Barking Lot Grooming Voucher Self-promotion aside, let The Barking Lot do the bathing for you. I used to be that person that took Frankie to the DIY dog washes at Animates or Pet Centre. She hated it, I hated it, I would get all wet, she would use those long nails of hers (that I couldn't clip myself at home from my fear of "quicking" her nails) to scratch me in her desperate attempt to get out of that damn dog bath station. It was all bad, a bad 10 minutes and she would always be wet for the car afterwards.

Why not leave it up to the professionals. Give that Dog Mom a day off the dog bath and get them into the salon. Get them a voucher for The Barking Lot Grooming Salon. Maybe they already attend our daycare and you want them to smell nice post daycare for Mother's Day on Sunday? We have a few options and prices can be found here; Full grooms: bath, blow dry, full body trim, nail clip, ear pluck.

Bath + Tidy: bath, blow dry, basic trim of paws, face, bathroom area, ears plucked, nails clipped No length is taken off the body (no, not even “just a trim”).

Bath + Blow dry: bath, blow dry, ears plucked, nails clipped. This does not include any brushing out of matted fur or brush outs for Huskies/ Samoyeds etc.

email us at and we can organise a voucher!

Photo credit: Smack Bang

Notable mentions: Ok this was supposed to be just a few things but I'm pretending I have a disposable income and maybe making a wish list for myself!? Someone stop me.. Professional Photoshoot of your Fur Baby Goosey Goosey Gander Photography - Professional Photoshoot of your Fur Baby for the archives, maybe even a voucher for a family photoshoot with your pup? Dog Friendly Glamping Why surprise that Fur Mum by taking them on a dog friendly glamping trip! Your pup doesn't have to stay at home when you go away - go have a nosey..

We hope this helps your quest for that last minute Mother's day Gift for the Dog Mom in your life! Love Bex (the crazy dog Mom)

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